What is Snowcem Exterior Masonry Paint


Snowcem Plus masonry paint is a fully breathable weather resistant mineral paint. Safe to use and environmentally friendly. Snowcem Plus is free from polymers, plastics, solvents and other man-made additives that reduce the breathability of paint. 

Snowcem Plus uses a combination of white Portland cement and other natural minerals which allows the paint to combine with the substrate to form a tough permanent bond, this means it cannot fail by peeling or flaking from the surface.


Snowcem Plus is completely breathable and has been tested to BS EN ISO 7783:2018 with an SD Value below 0.1. Using a combination of tight molecular bonding to the substrate along with its high vapour permeability means Snowcem Plus is not susceptible to water-related damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles, for example.

Fully breathable mineral paints such as Snowcem Plus are proven to have far superior compatibility with any masonry structure as they allow the moisture which is inevitably present in the masonry to pass naturally through the paint and not become trapped behind an impervious barrier, such as a polymer based paint system. 

Snowcem Plus masonry paint, is still manufactured to the original formulation, and has been applied worldwide to millions of square meters of surface over the last 60 years, taking in all the extremes of temperature and humidity.

Snowcem Plus paint is available in super white and a range of colour shades, order our free colour chart for the full range of available colours. Colour samples are also available to order from our webshop – Click Here.


Snowcem Plus masonry paint is suitable for application on a wide range of surface materials including

  • Lime Renders
  • Cobb
  • insitu and pre-cast concrete,
  • fibre boards,
  • cement based sheeting,
  • sand-cement render,
  • cement-lime-sand render,
  • rough cast and pebbledash,
  • concrete blocks,
  • clinker and light weight blocks,
  • brickwork,
  • stonework,
  • decorative cement and lime-wash (with Cemprover primer).
  • GRC

Lime-wash and other friable and low strength surfaces can be substantially improved by applying Cemprover interbonder and surface improver prior to the application of Snowcem Plus paint.