How to Apply Snowcem Exterior Masonry Paint

Snocem exterior masonry paint

What Equipment Will I Need

    • Mixing Bucket.
    • Mixing Paddle.
    • Container to Measure Snowcem Paint Powder and Water.
    • Dust Mask.
    • Old Clothes or Paper Overalls
    • Gloves.
    • Ground Sheet if required.
    • Paint Brushes or Paint Pads to apply the paint.
    • Bucket of Water for Washing Equipment After Use.

Snowcem Plus Exterior Masonry Paint
Before you commence your exterior painting project, we suggest you put together your painting kit. Wearing a paper dust mask while adding the snowcempaint powder to water is a sensible precaution that is not needed while actually painting. Old clothes can be worn as an alternative to the suggested paper overalls. A plastic ground sheet can be useful while mixing the paint and otherwise avoiding paint falling onto good surfaces during painting (could otherwise be difficult to clean). A pair of old gloves can be worn as an alternative to the disposable gloves we offer. Cement powder has a drying effect on the skin, so we suggest you wear gloves at least while mixing the paint.


  1. Ensure the surface is free of all weak and loose material, and contamination such as dust, dirt, moss, lichen, grease, oil, sealer and anything that could affect the coating application. (If necessary, consult Northern Paints andCoatings Ltd for advice and special cleaning products.
  2. If necessary repair the surface using compatible materials.
  3. Where it is not feasible to remove all paint and coatings, or the surface generally lacks absorbency, prime surface with Cemprover prior to commencing the Snowcem paint application. Use Cemprover with an equal volume of clean water and apply at approx. 3-4 sq m per ltr, working-in with stiff brush irrespective of brush or spray method of delivery to surface. Allow to dry.
  4. Where the surface is powdery or low strength such as distemper or lime-wash, again you can treat the surface with Cemprover prior to commencing application of Snowcem paint.
    Follow Cemprover TDS Instructions for
    (i) bricks with sulphates,
    (ii) old cement paint surfaces and
    (iii) distemper and lime-wash surfaces.
  5. If in you are in any doubt or have any concerns regarding the preparation and suitability of Snowcem paint for your surfaces then please contact us either by phone on 01665 494034 or email. We will be only too happy to advise.


  1. Using a clean bucket, prepare Snowcem paint by adding the powder to clean water, 1 part powder to 1 part water by volume. Mix slowly and thoroughly until all the powder has been mixed with the water taking care to include any powder from the bottom and side of the bucket. When the progress of work is slow, it may be necessary to briefly remix the paint before continuing. When doing this, do not attempt to thin by adding water.
  2. Snowcem paint is best applied using either a large masonry brush or micro fibre paint pad,  For spray applications care should be taken to choose equipment that is appropriate for cement based coatings, we recommend a hopper fed spray gun, see Graco T-Max plaster and render sprayer, for example.
  3. Apply the Snowcem paint in two coats, allowing the first to set dry, allowing no more than 18 hours interval between coats.
  4. In warm weather, when surface evaporation is likely to be significant, assist curing of Snowcempaint by apply a mist spray of clean water. Allow to fully harden before touching surface.
  5. Clean tools and equipment with clean water prior to Snowcem paint hardening on them.