Micro Fiber Paint Pad

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Micro Fiber Paint Pad


Apart from using our No.1 Snowcem paint brush or the Snowcem-Spraying-System, our Micro-Fibre-Pad gives a fast and effective way of filling open/textured surfaces or achieving a generally smoother finish. Unlike our superior No.1 brush, which has a 1000 or so filaments, our 20 cm x 8 cm Micro-Fibre-Pad has 1,000,000’s filaments, each one about 1/100 of the thickness of a hair strand. As long as the pad is properly cleaned between uses (fibres not allowed to matt or block with dried paint) brush type marks are avoided. The style of application is like plastering with a rectangular trowel. Just load it with paint, get the paint on the surface with a little pressure and quickly spread it (do not play with it on the surface). A little practice is recommended before starting out on a major project. Remember to wash the pad out thoroughly between uses. There is nothing wrong with using a brush but please take our word for it: ‘NO TYPE OF PAINT ROLLER HAS EVER PROVED SUITABLE’ (we have tried them all!).

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