Cemprover Surface Primer and Interbonder

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5 Litre tub of Cemprover cement primer and interbonder


CEMPROVER surface primer and interbonder is the perfect solution for preparing surfaces for paint where the surface to be painted is weak or dusty, such as old lime wash for example.

These areas can be prepared for paint using Cemprover cement primer which will strengthen the surface prior to the application of the paint. Snowcem-Cemprover is diluted with water to suit the situation, applied by brush or spray. It cures quickly, binding up and strengthening the surface ready for paint.

Many exterior paints and coatings are not breathable and use polymers to aid coverage, these polymers are not compatible with surfaces such as plaster, brick and concrete and this is the reason why they can trap moisture between the surface and the coating causing the surface to flake, peel and blister especially when exposed to heat and cold. When in doubt, it is always best to try and remove such coatings, as far as possible. But Cemprover surface primer can be applied over the existing paint or coating to enhance adhesion. Before the application of fresh paint. Please phone us for advice, if necessary.

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