Case Study – Snowcem Exterior Paint: Ijmuiden Port Amsterdam


The deep water port of IJmuiden is the fourth port of the Netherlands. It accommodates the largest fully laden ships. There is strong evidence that an important North Sea port has existed in the region since the Roman times. In more recent times, it has been the largest fishing port in the Netherlands. 

Nowadays, it not only serves sea freight and finishing vessels but provides extensive facilities for pleasure craft. As for the Ijmuiden Port project, SnowcemPlus is the obvious choice in exterior paint in demanding marine and coast environments. Its polymer free composition means it is naturally bonding, permanent coating, not suffering water and moisture driven failures.. 

An amazing property of SnowcemPlus is that it even hardens under sea water, making it ideal for protecting intertidal zones.


1500KG of Snowcem Paint was exported to the Ijmuiden Port authority for the refurbishment of buildings and structures around the deep water port.