Why Use Snowcem Exterior Masonry Paint

Here Are Some Great Reasons to Choose Snowcem Exterior Masonry Paint

  1. Tried and proven with more than 50 years history.
  2. Snowcem Exterior Masonry Paint has been around since the 1950’s its tried and tested and works.
  3. Many examples of Snowcem applications exceeding 25 years
    Snowcem Paint can last for decades. Even the powder paint can last for years if stored correctly.
  4. Available as super white or a range of subtle shades and colours
    Snowcem comes in a range of subtle natural colours as well as the most popular colour white.
  5. Use on external brickwork, block work, stone, concrete, render, plaster and GRC
    Snowcem will work on nearly all masonry surfaces. You can even apply it straight onto newly rendered walls as Snowcems cement content binds straight to the surface. Snowcem contains no plastics, Polymers or other solvents is completely breathable and allows the moisture in the fresh render to pass straight through as it dries.
  6. Snowcem Paint likes damp conditions and the surface does not need to be dry before application.
    Snowcem contains no plastics, Polymers or other solvents and is completely breathable with an SD value of less the 0.1. It allows any moisture in the wall to pass straight through as it dries and will not peel or flake.
  7. Forms a hard, tough, impact resistant and durable surface
    Snowcem contains cement and because of this once it has fully cured it forms a really tough hard surface.
  8. Weatherproof and highly breathable.
    When Snowcem Paint has fully cured it is completely weatherproof but highly breathable this is because as a mineral paint Snowcem contains no polymers to trap moisture between the paint and the wall surface. Moisture is allowed to pass straight through the paint under hydro-static pressure and escape into the atmosphere and because Snowcem becomes so hard when it has cured it doesn’t allow moisture to pass through from the atmosphere into the wall.
  9. Does not fail by peeling or flaking
    Snowcem Paint contains no Plastics, Polymers or other Solvents which reduce the ability of the paint to breath. Moisture doesn’t get trapped behind the paint and cause it to peel, flake or blister.
  10. Increases in strength over time
    Snowcem paint grows stronger with time and the elements. It uses moisture from the walls surface or rain to cure over time finally becoming extremely hard and durable.
  11. Greater adhesion than other paints, typically 2 N/mm2
    Because Snowcem contains cement which is chemically compatible with all masonry surfaces it creates a bond to the surface much stronger than a polymer based paint. Polymer paints are chemically incompatible with masonry and so do not bond well to a masonry surface.
  12. Ideal for extreme weather environments, including coastal locations.
    Because Snowcem Paint is so tough and breathable its perfect for use in harsh weather conditions and coastal locations where the cold, damp and wind are just not compatible with polymer based paints.
  13. Alkaline base that resists mould, algae and moss.
    Snowcem Paints cement content is naturally alkaline and resists the growth of mould, algae and moss especially in damp or low light conditions.
  14. Suitable for all buildings and structures (home, farms, offices, hospitals, hotels and other buildings and structures
    Snowcem looks good on all buildings both old and new and is an excellent alternative to Lime washes on heritage or listed buildings. Is perfect for buildings without a damp course. including Barns, Retaining walls and basements.
  15. Safe for Animals.
    Because Snowcem is completely natural and contains no man made plastics, polymers or solvents and contains 0% VOC’s its safe to use around animals. Great for farm buildings, Stables, Dog Kennels and Catteries in fact Snowcem can be used anywhere animals can come into direct contact with the paint.
  16. Snowcem Paint is Environmentally Friendly.
    Snowcem Paint is completely natural and contains no man made plastics, polymers or solvents and contains 0% VOC’s. So makes a great alternative to Polymer based plastic paints. Which in the end will find there way into the environment and water ways. For those people looking to make an environmentally friendly choice in their paint, Snowcem is the perfect choice. And because its supplied as a powder rather than a liquid, you are not transporting water which also reduces Snowcems environmental impact.
  17. Snowcem Paint is Naturally Fire Resistant.
    Snowcem Masonry Paint is fire resistant. completely natural and containing no man made plastics, polymers or solvents, other paints will use fire retardant chemicals in their ingredients to make them resistant to fire.